Spending the day with a lover?

Valentine's Day can be a special day set aside to spend with someone you care about. Maybe this V-Day is more about remembering what's really important in your relationship! REMINDER: let go of strict expectations from your lover & focus more on loving them the best you can.

Here are some activities you can do with your love to make this day memorable & fun:

  1. Cook a romantic dinner at home
  2. Take a scenic walk or hike (we prefer somewhere we can see the ocean)
  3. Visit a local museum or art gallery
  4. Have a movie marathon with your favorite films
  5. Play games or have a competition at an arcade
  6. Take a couples' dance class
  7. Plan a picnic in a park or on the beach
  8. Rent some pickle-ball gear and try it out!
  9. Simply spend quality time together, be it talking, cuddling, or just enjoying each other's company.